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"Secangkir Kopi dari Playa" seduhan Mira Asriningtyas ...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Love Story Told on Mother's Day 


 (the tour bus)


At first, my mom hesitated to go watching Papermoon Puppet Theater's performance that night. If it wasn't a Mother's Day celebration, she would prefer staying at home and miss this heartwarming performance. I’m glad she finally said yes.  

Secangkir Kopi dari Playa* (A Cup of Coffee from Playa) is a site-specific puppet theater performance by Papermoon (I wrote about this theater once, here). The story was based on a true love story of Pak Wi** who got separated from his lover for over 40 years and spend his life waiting in vain, searching for the love of his life to fulfill his promise. It was such a coincidence that he shares the same nick name with my late father: "Pak Wi". That small fact must have meant a lot to my mom. :) 

That afternoon, we park the car at Kedai Kebun Forum and wait for the tour leader to take us to the 'secret' place where the play would be performed. A cute bus named "Sari Buah" (literally translated as "Fruit Juice") took us from KKF to Jangkrik Antique Warehouse. An old school styled tour guide (performed by Wulang, one of my favorite young artist) cheer us up by giving explanations with a dash of dry jokes about some old building we pass along the way.. Some jokes were so dry, it turned out hilarious. Especially at the end of the tour, we simply can't stop laughing!  

When the show begin, my mom and my sisters starts whispering to each other at certain parts, giggling, taken away by the story, and in some parts~ shed some sparkling tears. The story was heartbreaking but our story was a happy ending one. My mom was very happy (look at her smile at the end of this post!) and that's what really matters for me and my sisters.

Thank you, Papermoon..


(Me and my sister, Mirla)

(Left: Me,my mom, my sisters Mirna and Mirla in the bus- Right: with mbak Ria Papermoon)
(Manda of Perempuan Gimbal, miy, and mb Ria of Kuwaci Kecil posing on the set)


(with Dito next to the love bike)


 (with my friend Octo who acted as the polaroid photographer)

 (with the mother of Papermoon herself)


At the end of the show..

(My joyful mom hand-in-hand with my sisters)


Photographed by Dito Yuwono, Octo Cornelius, and Hera Ariani

(*)   More about Secangkir Kopi dari Playa>> click here
(**) The true (heartbreaking) love story of Pak Wi >> click here: (1)(2)(3)(4) >> please read.. it worth all the fuss in clicking those four links.. it might remind you that true love exist. ;)
(***) There's a new update at Lir's blog: a review and a preview! >> click here

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